In or around the year 1856 Franklin Neikirk and his spouse purchased a parcel of land north of Somerset at the headwaters of Caney on Pitman Creek for 500 cords of wood. Little did they know that Paul E. Neikirk and Frances R. Neikirk would build and operate the first discount store in South Central Kentucky, on this very site 104 years later.

In the early spring of 1960 PAUL E. NEIKIRK, an electrician, built and opened PAUL'S SURPLUS, a store of about 1800 square feet of space with three (3) employees, in the building that Paul's Discount store now occupies. Most of the beginning merchandise was army surplus material and furniture. That relates to the business being incorporated as Paul's Surplus & Distributing Inc.

Founder, PAUL E. NEIKIRK, deceased Oct 16, 1974. Over the period of almost 40 years PAUL'S DISCOUNT offers over 20,000 square feet of selling space plus 3 warehouses while employing over 30 people. The store is now under operation of Joe and Jamie Neikirk.


You are always welcome to visit our store at 1616 North US 2227, Somerset, Ky. We are open Monday through Saturday, 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time

Paul's is a family owned corporation located at 1616 North US 2227 in Somerset, Ky. We are just off of US 27 on the North Edge of Somerset. and being only five miles from Lake Cumberland we have over the years built a base of regular boating customers from as far away as Dayton, Ohio. Phone calls and Phone Orders are always welcome at


Our customers like our store because its one of those “If they don’t have it, you don’t need it” type of places. We’ve also been called the “Men’s Mall” because we’re well known for hardware, hunting, fishing, and auto parts.

We have four major departments:

  • Auto Parts
  • Clothing
  • Hardware
  • Sporting Goods
Thanks to the great people of Pulaski and surrounding counties the business has continued to expand in size and offer more and better service to the people of South Central Kentucky. And thanks be to God who has seen fit to bless this business for over forty years; giving the service of good personnel and the patronage of valued customers. To Him be the honor and glory forever.